Saturday, June 27, 2009

Been Too Long Since the Last Post...

Been a pretty long while since I've posted anything here, so this is going to be a mish-mash of different stuff. 1st of all, last week, the fam and I went to Mississippi to visit family and while we were there, I made sure to get my running in.

WELL, that was an awesome decision let me tell ya. It was really hot and REALLY humid. Hot I can deal with (I do live in Texas), but 75% - 80% humidity in 80 degree temps sucks. All this was between 6-7am! So, I did all my runs:

Mon: 3 miles
Tue: 45 min. tempo
Wed: 5 miles
Thur: 5 X Hill Intervals

And I sweated A-LOT. Had to break down and grab some VitaminWater just to get some extra electrolytes in (usually only drink water on runs less than 1 hour). So, word to the wise, if ya run in Mississippi, be prepared to SWEAT.

In other news, my broke toe is healing nicely. It hasn't hurt for a few weeks now. Although half of my nail fell off and is currently growing back. Looks kind of weird. I won't post any pics though.

AND! I recorded a Personal Record 5K this morning! It felt awesome. I had a 5K "race" on my training plan, so I decided to really try hard even though I was just running against myself. It was tough in this heatwave we've got going on in TX, but I did it! Feels cool to get faster. When I started running, I was averaging a 9:30 to 10:00 mile pace on my fast days. Now I'm usually between 8 & 9 min. miles and today I averaged 7:39! OK, I'll end my rant there - just feels good to work towards a goal and accomplish something.

One last note, check out Just Finish. It's a social site for runners/walkers/cyclists/triathletes. Figured I'd give them a mention since they sent me some free stickers. Now to find a place to stick 'em...

Visit Just Finish!