Monday, April 13, 2009

My Running Story

I am just a 30 year old dude that likes running, architecture (my profession), music, & photography.  With this posting I have 3 kiddos - 5, 2, & 9 mo. & an awesome wife.  This is my running story.

For as long as I could remember in my life, I was overweight.  I was not the fattest kid, but I did have to wear the dreaded "husky" jeans.  I was always athletic.  I played baseball (outfield) & football (lineman) through high school. I just couldn't get rid of that belly, which probably had A LOT to do with the fact that almost everything I liked to eat was fried.  About 4 years ago all that stopped.  I learned how to eat for fuel instead of eating junk to fill my gut and I started running.  I lost 40 pounds!

I used to HATE running.  Probably because that was the punishment you got if you screwed up in athletics.  So the first few times I went out for a "true" run were very much a struggle.  But I kept with it.  I got to where I really enjoyed recreational running, but my max single run mileage was a 5K.  Then came Father's Day 2007:

Suprise!  I got the Nike+ sensor and that really made my runs a lot more fun.  I guess I'm not much of a purist because I don't have much fun plodding along listening to my own breathing.  Since I'm having more fun running now, I'm up to an 8 mile run.  My 1st official race was the Dallas Turkey Trot in 2007 in which my goal was to enjoy the race and finish.

In 2008,  I didn't do much racing, but kept it around 2-3 runs a week probably maxing at about 12 miles per week. 

But since 2009 hit, I've gotten running fever.  It just feels good to set a goal and be able to attain it.  Plus with using the Nike+ system, all my running data is automatic and I don't have to worry much with running journals.  That may be a little lazy, but I do have 3 kiddos to worry about in my "non-running" time.

My next goal is the 2009 Dallas White Rock Marathon in December.  My 1st goal is to finish, but I would also like to keep it under 4 hours.  I created this blog in hopes of chronicling my training up to the marathon and who knows from there.  If all goes well, I think I would like to run some of the bigger marathons such as Chicago & New York.  I think ultimately, it would be super awesometown to qualify for Boston!

Hope you enjoy my ramblings!  Run with Gusto!  

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