Wednesday, August 5, 2009

18 Weeks to the ROCK!

It is official and confirmed. I am a registered runner for the 2009 White Rock Marathon. Wait, did I just say I was going to run a marathon? Really? 26.2 miles? Yeah. Holy @#%+.

Weird, I just realized I will be running the 40th anniversary of White Rock and I ran the 40th Anniversary of the Turkey Trot for my 1st real race. Anyhow, training starts next week and I am psyched. In 18 weeks I'll be ready and in 16 weeks I'll hit my high mileage of 20 miles.

ALSO! I didn't want to make this marathon just a personal goal, and wanted to do something more than simply run it. I have signed up to raise money for World Vision. I felt like even though I am unemployed, I can do something to give back.

There are lots of charities out there, so why World Vision? I felt compelled to run for Team World Vision after following elite runners Josh Cox and Ryan Hall on Twitter and watching Ryan run the Boston Marathon. Both of these guys are avid supporters of World Vision and other awesome ventures such as Invisible Children. So I really looked into what I wanted to support and to be able to raise money for clean water for someone who needs it desperately felt right. I know I could have chosen charities closer to home, but I feel I can more easily help with local needs. I can't just skip on over to Africa through jungles, militias, and corrupt governments to give a child a clean glass of water. I hope and pray that the money I raise will be put to good use and maybe one day I actually could go to those that desperately need the help.

So if you would like to sponsor me, it would be great if you could at least do $1 per mile. That is $26.20 - a night at the movies, dinner for 2, or maybe some clean water and a few bed nets. I know times are tough. [ I am "Mr. Mom" these days ] If all you can give is one dollar, that would be great too! Click on the link below to donate online, or I can send a donation form to you if you would like. Thanks everybody!

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